Food Safety Slogan: What It Is & How to Write One for Your Business [+30 Examples]

Do you have a food safety slogan? Are you confused about what to say in your slogan and how to say it? When you think about it, sometimes food safety is just not top on your mind… After all, how many times have you eaten out in a restaurant and not cared if they served the food that was safe to eat or not?

However, it turns out that there are restaurants and fast-food chains that have not been practicing proper food handling in their kitchens. And these are the places where most of the health-related issues happen.

To help people recognize the need to be more aware of food safety issues, slogan examples like “Safe to eat here” or “Food Safety Begins Here” could be used effectively and spread awareness on the importance of knowing what to eat means.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of catchy, memorable food safety slogan examples that can help you create your tagline for your food business, and promote food safety at your restaurant. We will explain what it is & how you can create one for your business. We’ll talk about the following topics:


What Is Food Safety and Why It Is Important

Food Safety is the maintenance of conditions and certification in which food can be safely produced, processed, transported, stored, packaged, and exhibited. In other words, it’s about making sure that your food is safe for people to eat by keeping it fresh and storing it properly.

Food safety also has a legal dimension and there are both national laws and international standards that govern the proper handling, processing, and distribution of food.

Food safety has become a high-profile issue, with the rise in concerns about both local and international terrorism, and the emergence of a strong health awareness movement around the world.

What Is Food Safety and Why It Is Important

Food safety is important because it can have a positive impact on your business. By keeping your customers safe, you are creating a healthy environment and boosting customer satisfaction. This, in turn, means more repeat business and referrals, which will help you grow your business and brand.

A food business that fails to practice food safety standards can put its customers at risk of bacterial or chemical poisoning, which can lead to serious health problems or death. A food business should practice food safety for public health and liability reasons.

What Is a Food Safety Slogan and How It Benefits Your Business

A food safety slogan is a series of words or a phrase that communicates the food safety message. It is usually used to promote food safety in business. A slogan that promotes food safety may not only be used by businesses that produce food, but also the ones that sell them.

A food safety slogan should be written for your specific business and with your target audience in mind. For example, if you own a restaurant, you need a slogan that will resonate with the people in your area (e.g., “Food safety starts here” could work well in an area where people eat in local food stores). If you run a deli, you might use a slogan like “Cleanliness begins here” or “Keep it clean”.

Here are some examples of food safety slogans:

1. “Fast, fresh, fantastic”

This slogan works great for restaurants that offer fast, fresh, and fantastic food to their customers.

2. “Cook clean! Cook safe!”

This slogan is for restaurants who have a belief in serving clean as well as safe food to their customers.

3. “Every bite counts”

If you truly believe in serving only the best quality food to your customers then this slogan will help you achieve your goal efficiently.

Benefits of Creating a Food Safety Slogan

More and more people are paying attention to where their food comes from and how it’s produced. People want to know the quality of their food, in terms of fat content, calories, sugar, and sodium. They also want their food products to be produced ethically and according to all current food handling guidelines.

For any business, it is important to always know what your target audience needs and wants, and then deliver that information in a way that will resonate and be remembered by them. Food safety slogans are one way to do this.

Food safety slogans can help ensure that customers will be able to make safe and healthy decisions when shopping for food products. It also gives customers a sense of security because they know that the company is dedicated to providing a high-quality product that is safe for consumption. Having these kinds of slogans in place can also help food production companies stand out from their competition, especially if there are other companies in the same industry.

How to Write a Food Safety Slogan for Your Business Using 5 Steps

Here are some steps you can use to help you come up with smart slogans for your food business:

1. Start with an overview of your business and its target market

What do you offer? How does it differ from what other businesses in the area offer? Who is the customer for your product or service? (Consider who will be most affected by your food safety program.)

2. Write down what you want your customer to think about you

What is the image you want to project? Do you want customers to think of you like high quality, low cost, convenient, or environmentally conscious?

3. Brainstorm slogans

What one-line tagline would convey that message? Remember to keep it short (no more than 10 words) and easy to remember, so it can easily fit on your business cards and promotional materials.

4. Evaluate your slogans

Which one has the most impact? The cleverest wording? The most appropriate message for your business?

5. Finalize your slogans

Have someone else look at it – a friend, or a family member. Ask them which slogan they think works best and why. Is there any way you can make it better? If so, do so!

5 Tips to Write a Food Safety Slogan for Your Business

The following tips will help you create a catchy and memorable slogan for your food business:

1. Keep it short & simple

Customers don’t want to read long messages on signs or hear extensive speeches when they are eating out at their favorite restaurant. The message should be clear and concise so that customers can easily recall it even after only one or two exposures. Don’t make it too wordy or complicated. Make sure you include some keywords that customers would look for when reading product labels; such as “kosher” or “organic”.

2. Use an action word at the beginning

Use words that will grab the attention of your audience and make them curious about your message. An action word is a word that describes an action or feeling. For example, if you are trying to encourage someone to eat more vegetables, you might want to use a word like “discover”.

Words like “discover” and “experience” evoke curiosity, which will make the customer interested in reading your slogan.

3. Make it conversational

As you draft your slogan, remember to make it sound as if a friend is telling you about the food safety procedures at their business.

The tone should be conversational, so instead of the typical “Our kitchen is safe and clean” or “We follow strict food safety procedures”, try something like, “Your meal will taste better knowing our kitchen is clean”. You want to keep it short but also keep it friendly.

4. Make it specific

People will be more interested in your food business if you can provide them with a specific value. And the best way to provide value is to help them avoid sickness or other problems related to bad food.

The slogan “Buy from us, we’re here for the long run” is not specific. You could have a short run (like one day) and still be around for the long run. But “We guarantee that our fish is fresh” is specific. It tells people what you are offering, that you guarantee freshness. Specificity lets people visualize what you are saying. If they want fresh fish, they know who to buy from.

5. Use powerful words

Words like “safe”, “clean”, “pure” or “healthy” are some examples that are used widely these days by food companies as they help in making their business more profitable.

Here is a list of powerful words you can use in your next slogan:

1. Safety

2. Safe

3. Health

4. Hygiene

5. Protect

6. Secure

7. Shield

8. Defend

9. Cleanliness

10. Clean

11. Pure

12. Hygienic

30 Catchy Food Safety Slogan Examples

Below are 30 examples of food safety slogans that you can use as inspiration for creating your slogan:

1. We clean everything before we serve it to you!

2. Safe Food Starts Here.

3. Our Production is Fresh & Healthy!

4. Food Safe, People Safe.

5. We make safe food.

6. Safety first.

7. Food Safety is our business.

8. Zero defect, 100% quality assurance system.

9. Safe food is a must

10. Cook Safe, Eat Safe

11. We keep your food safe.

12. Safety is no accident.

13. Food safety starts here.

14. When it comes to food safety, we’ve got you covered.

15. A clean restaurant is a healthy restaurant.

16. Food Safety is Everyone’s Business.

17. The only thing we take seriously, is food safety!

18. Food safety is important and so are we.

19. Safe food, safe people.

20. Food safety starts with us.

21. Protecting food since the ’80s.

22. Putting food safety in the spotlight.

23. Eat fresh and safe.

24. Food Safety Is Our Speciality.

25. Safe food for you and your family.

26. Food. You eat it. We eat it.

27. Fresh. Healthy. Delicious.

28. Food safety above all else.

29. Food safety is never boring.

30. Healthy Cooking Starts Here.


Food safety should be a top priority for any foodservice business. This is why having a good slogan for your food safety program is important. It serves as a reminder for employees and patrons of the food safety important factors to consider.

Take some time to brainstorm different slogan ideas for your business, prioritize which ones you like best, and then narrow the field further. Once you have your slogan lined up, make sure that you have a consistent logo design to match. This way, no matter what you do as your company grows and changes over time, the logo will always be recognizable to those who already love your products and services. Putting these things in place early on is essential for creating a cohesive brand that will transcend generations of people.

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