21 Catchy Famous Fast Food Slogan Examples: Why They Are So Popular & How You Can

Looking for effective & catchy fast food slogans to make your brand stand out amongst the crowd? How do you attract customers to your fast food restaurant? With a good product, of course. The product is indeed important but it doesn’t come cheap and even if you have the best hamburger in town, you still have to invest a lot on marketing and promotion.

That’s why marketing strategies are important. But how do you come up with a good strategy? You know what kind of marketing slogans work. Why some campaigns go viral overnight, while others fall flat on their face? Why some are successful at getting passed the gatekeeper and land on people’s ‘Favorites’ or ‘Inspirations’ boards?

The answer lies in coining a killer slogan that will easily be one of your most viral ads. So, let us take a look at examples of famous fast-food slogans first to give us an idea on what to do. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of catchy, memorable slogans of famous fast food restaurants and chains. We will explain what makes them work, how you can create an effective slogan for your restaurant in 10 steps, and share tips for a catchy fast food slogan. We’ll cover the following topics:


21 Catchy Famous Fast Food Slogan Examples

1. Applebee’s – “Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood”

2. Arby’s – “WE HAVE THE MEATS”

3. Burger King – “HAVE IT YOUR WAY”

4. Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s – “FEED YOUR HAPPY”

5. Denny’s – “America’s Diner is always open.”

6. Domino’s Pizza – “The Pizza Delivery Expert”

7. Fatburger – “The Last Great Hamburger Stand”

8. Fuddruckers – “World’s Greatest Hamburgers”


10. KFC – “It’s finger lickin’ good”

11. McDonald’s – “i’m lovin’ it”

12. Olive Garden  – “When You’re Here, You’re Family.”

13. Outback Steakhouse –  “NO RULES. JUST RIGHT.”


15. Popeyes – “Love That Chicken”

16. Quiznos – “MMMM… TOASTY!”

17. Red Lobster – “Sea Food Differently”

18. Subway – “eat fresh.”



21. Wendy’s – “WHERE’S THE BEEF?”

What Makes a Catchy Fast Food Slogans

A catchy fast food slogan is a type of advertising slogan that is used in commercials for fast-food restaurants. These slogans are often used in simple and effective phrases that can be easily remembered by the customers. These slogans are also often used in combination with other types of fast food advertising, including print ads and television commercials.

The main goal of these slogans is to get the attention of potential customers and make them aware of what they are offering. Once they have that attention, they will be able to convince those customers to visit their restaurant. There are many different types of catchy fast food slogans that can be used in any number of ways to try and get customers into their restaurant.

What makes a catchy fast food slogan so great is that it needs to be both memorable and appealing to the target audience while being short enough to fit on a sign or a menu. The general attitude behind these slogans should be playful, yet some can come off as rather serious since they are trying to relay important information about what specific items on the menu offer. It is important that when choosing a slogan for your fast food joint, you keep it simple but also make sure that it has an element of fun to it as well.

A good example of a catchy fast food slogans was made by McDonald’s – “i’m lovin’ it”, Burger King – “HAVE IT YOUR WAY” and KFC – “It’s finger lickin’ good”. These slogans are memorable, they stand out among other advertising messages and they truly engage the customers.

5 Reasons Famous Fast Food Slogans are Successful

Famous fast food slogans are well-known and recognizable. There are hundreds of fast food restaurants in the U.S. alone, but some brands are more popular than others. The reason behind this lies in the marketing strategies that these companies use to promote their products.

Many of the most famous fast food slogans have been around for decades and are used by a variety of different restaurants and fast-food chains. These catchy phrases get embedded into people’s minds, becoming part of their vocabulary and conversation. They are more than just advertising campaigns – they become part of the vernacular.

What makes these slogans so successful? What is it about them that keeps them going strong after many years? And what can you learn from these famous fast food slogans? Here are five reasons – plus examples of some memorable ones!

1. Clear and Positive

These slogans use clear, positive words that appeal to the target audience. Instead of going for a long-winded slogan, these fast food companies keep it simple and use words that appeal to their target audience.

2. Simple

Simple phrases work better than complicated ones because they catch the attention of the consumer easily. The consumer does not have to think about them a lot for them to make some sense; he/ she can just read it and remember it easily. The short length of these slogans also has something to do with their simplicity. They do not waste words; they keep things short and to the point.

3. Easy to remember

Many of these famous fast food slogans are made up of just a few words that can be used in catchy jingles or rhymes. McDonald’s “We love to see you smile!” slogan is just five easy words to remember.

Some slogans need more explanation than others, but many use simple statements that people love to repeat and remember.

4. They speak to universal truths

Most famous fast food slogans always make use of universal truths that people can relate to. For example, the famous McDonald’s slogan, “i’m lovin’ it” reflects one of the universal truths which is that “everyone is lovin’ it”.

5. They make use of humor

Another reason why famous fast food slogans are popular is that they make use of humor and wit in their creation. A perfect example of this is in the slogan, Wendy’s – “WHERE’S THE BEEF?” This slogan is popular because of the humor that is involved, as it is a clever play on words.

Here are some of the famous fast food slogans that you can learn from:

1. McDonald’s – “i’m lovin’ it”

This is a slogan that simply asks you to love their products. The idea behind it is to make the consumers believe that their products are so good in taste that one would like to have more and more.

2. Burger King – “HAVE IT YOUR WAY”

This slogan implies that the customers can decide or customize their own burger according to their wish. They want their clients to develop an affinity towards Burger King as they get a feeling that they have been given sufficient freedom to decide as per their wishes and preferences.

3. Subway – “eat fresh.”

This slogan is all about freshness; it is all about promoting freshness of ingredients used, specialties provided and overall quality of food served in the franchisee stores.

How to Make a Catchy Fast Food Slogan for Your Business Using 10 Steps

A catchy fast food slogan is what you need to drive a lot of traffic to your business. When it comes to creating one, however, many people think that it is as easy as McDonald’s slogan– “i’m lovin’ it” or Wendy’s – “WHERE’S THE BEEF?”. However, there are certain elements that you will have to take into consideration in order to come up with a creative and effective one for your company.

Here are the 10 steps you can use in creating an effective catchy fast food slogan for your restaurant:

1. Do some research into the top fast-food restaurants and their slogans.

2. Use these ideas as inspiration to come up with your own creative fast food slogan.

3. Plan how you want your slogan to sound and the message that you want it to convey.

4. Write down at least 6 different catchphrases that convey the message in a snappy way.

5. Look through your catchphrases and select the best ones for your slogan.

6. Create a catchy rhyme or pun using your catchphrase to make it memorable for customers.

7. Look for opportunities to use double meanings in your fast food slogan for extra impact on consumers!

8. Re-read your slogan and change any words that don’t flow easily from the tongue or that don’t make sense when read out loud.

9. Come up with another version of your slogan that incorporates a call to action (i.e., entices customers to visit).

10. Get feedback from friends, family, colleagues, or employees on which of these two options is better.


A good slogan is something that leaves a lasting impression on those who hear it. These types of phrases don’t just flow off the tongue, they stick with us and they live on in infamy. Whether they’re saying something serious or satirical, slogans serve to connect a business and its brand with its customers.

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