100+ Catchy Fast Food Slogan Examples & How to Create Your Own

Are you struggling to come up with a catchy fast food slogan? Do you want your business to stand out but have no idea why, or how, that should be?

You’ve tried your tactics to come up with a brilliant fast food slogan for your company, in hopes of becoming more noticeable among the rest.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to create your own catchiest, most eye-catching fast food slogans ever, check out this post! In this post, we are going to provide 100+ examples of catchy fast food slogans for you to use in your advertising, along with what they are, why it is important to make your slogan catchy, how you can learn to write a catchy fast food slogan, and offer tips to help you create a productive one. We’ll cover the following topics:

100+ Catchy Fast Food Slogan Examples

1. Fast. Fresh. Tasty.
2. We’ve got fast food.
3. It’s time to get into freshness.
4. Fast. Fresh. Good.
5. America’s favorite foods.
6. Satisfy your craving.

Catchy Fast Food Slogan Examples
7. Healthy food = Healthy body + Happy life
8. Simple, Healthy, Delicious.
9. Eat right, be Happy.
10. The Food Magician!
11. Eating should be fun
12. Magic in Every Bite!
13. Healthy food, Happy life!
14. Making Magic with your Dinner!
15. Healthy, Delicious, Affordable!
16. Incredible food. Incredible prices.
17. We make your stomach happy!
18. Eat, love, and live to the max!
19. Eat like an artist.
20. Don’t get caught eating the same old food.
21. It’s more than a burger.
22. A new taste for a new you.
23. Pasta is what’s for dinner.
24. Different taste, same satisfaction.
25. The tastiest way to live.
26. Don’t just eat. Eat right.
27. Eat Clean, Eat Green
28. Fresh. Fresh. Fresh.
29. Let’s eat!
30. A little bit of everything.
31. We’re not #1, but we know what #2 tastes like.
32. You’re hungry. We’re food.
33. We’re not just fast food, we’re the fast food.
34. Fast food. Fast fun.
35. Don’t just eat fast food, eat fast food that’s tasty.
36. Something to snack on now!
37. It’s a fast-food world.
38. Eating out is easy.
39. It’s a fast food world.
40. Fast food, Fast service, Fast delivery.
41. Eat fresh.
42. Who’s hungry?
43. More than just fast food.
44. Amazing food, Amazing prices, Amazing service.
45. Tasty, Cheap, and Fast!
46. We do fast food better.
47. Eat, Play, Love.

Catchy Fast Food Slogan Examples
48. The only fast food worth getting.
49. America’s top fast-food restaurants.
50. Food, Friends, and Fun!
51. Eat at our place.
52. Fast food done right.
53. A fast-food company that makes you feel good.
54. We got burgers like you wouldn’t believe.
55. We are the best fast food place!
56. Fast food you can feel good about.
57. We’ve served over a billion.
58. We’re not just fast food. We’re fast food with style.
59. We want to be your favorite place.
60. We’re number one in customer satisfaction!
61. Feed your soul.
62. Your satisfaction is our goal.
63. You gotta eat!
64. Fast food for fast times.
65. We’re no. 1.
66. Hungry? Order online today!
67. We make the world taste better.
68. We make all your favorites.
69. We’re fast, cheap and easy.
70. Satisfy your hunger.
71. 100% pure deliciousness.
72. We are more than a just a fast food restaurant.
73. We know how to feed the people.
74. Bite into a better burger.
75. Fast food at lightning speed.
76. We’ve done all the work for you.
77. 100% Fresh.
78. We’re open to suggestions.
79. Fast food you can feel good about.
80. It’s your choice!
81. We don’t just serve up food, we serve up moments.
82. A meal with friends is always better.
83. Always fresh, never frozen.
84. Better ingredients, better pizza.
85. Breakfast anytime.
86. Come through for breakfast.
87. Trusted everywhere.
88. Always fresh. Always friendly. Always Fast.
89. You deserve a break today.
90. Come hungry. Leave happy.
91. All the burgers you love, all the fries you can eat.
92. Eat fresh every day.
93. The best or nothing!
94. We serve fast food and we serve it hot!
95. We’re not just for breakfast.
96. Your order is ready.
97. It’s the fast food place you can’t wait to get to.
98. Come see what we have cooking!
99. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
100. All you can eat – for a reasonable price.
101. Hot, fresh, delicious.

What Is a Fast Food Slogan?

A fast-food slogan is a short phrase or expression that is used in advertising campaigns by the sellers of fast food. The purpose of these slogans is to create interest in their product and encourage potential customers to try their goods. Some fast-food chains have created some very memorable and catchy slogans over the years.

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For example, some of the most well-known fast-food chains utilize slogans. Some of the most famous fast food slogans include: McDonald’s “i’m lovin’ it”, Arby’s “WE HAVE THE MEATS”, Subway’s “eat fresh.” and Wendy’s “WHERE’S THE BEEF?”.

Why It Is Important to Have a Good Fast Food Slogan

A fast-food slogan can make a lot of difference when it comes to attracting a new customer. The truth is that people who are constantly on the run, and don’t have much time for thinking between activities, tend to be attracted by catchy lines, and clever phrases.

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Fast food is a very competitive market, so companies and restaurants realize that the product they sell is not just their food, it’s also the experience they provide. A catchy slogan can help them stand out from their competitors, promote themselves and even make people remember and like their brand.

A well-written fast food slogan will contain several key elements. When a consumer sees the words on a billboard, on television, or even on a coffee cup, he or she should be able to recall the business name and product being advertised.

A catchy phrase can make or break a company’s success, so it’s important to create a slogan that will resonate with the target market. The best slogans incorporate one or more of the following elements:

1. A promise

2. Humor

3. A selling point

4. Emotion

5. A word or phrase that is commonly used in the vernacular

Let’s see how some famous brands did this in their slogans:

1. Applebee’s – “Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood”


3. KFC – “It’s finger lickin’ good”

4. Quiznos – “MMMM… TOASTY!”

5. Popeyes – “Love That Chicken”

How to Create a Fast Food Slogan: 4 Easy Steps

1. Come up with 3 to 5 slogans for your restaurant. Remember, you only have 30 seconds to grab a person’s attention. Be creative and make sure each one is different from the others.

2. Decide which one you like best. Use this as a guide in coming up with your new slogan. You can use the same words or come up with totally new ones. Make sure it reflects your restaurant’s personality and style.

3. Test it out on friends and family to see which one they like best or if they would change anything about it.

4. Now it’s time to roll out your new slogan! Do this by placing it on your menus, billboards, and posters around town, adding them online on social media pages and maybe even creating a YouTube video advertising your new slogan!

Tips for a Catchy Fast Food Slogans

1. Make it big and bold

The biggest and boldest of the fast food slogans have been proven to be the most successful ones. They catch your eye, making them memorable and easy to understand. Keep it simple and make sure that your slogan is written in letters that are big enough so people will be able to read them from a distance.

2. Use adjectives

Adjectives help us describe something better without using too many words. Make sure that the adjectives you use are easy to understand and relevant to what you are trying to sell. When creating your own catchy fast food slogans, use adjectives like “tasty”, “delicious” or “crunchy”.

3. Use verbs

Another type of word that will help you create a catchy fast food advert is a verb. Pick a verb that describes what it is that you want customers to do when they visit your fast food restaurant like eat or buy or taste or try. Use verbs like these because they are more direct than nouns.


The takeaway is that the best fast food slogans answer a need or a want in their target audience. No word fillers, no superfluous adjectives, and adverbs. Fast food slogans are designed to be straightforward and easy to digest (pun intended). The most successful ones will also have clever word plays or double entendres.

I hope you’ve learned a little something about how to make your catchphrase stand out. In the end, remember this: people will remember a catchy slogan for years, decades even. It has to both convey the brand message and also be easy to remember. So what are you waiting for? Start thinking of slogans for your business.

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