110+ Best Video Game Business Name Ideas & Suggestions for Your Game Company

Are you looking for a perfect name for your video game business? Here we have compiled some cool and catchy video game business name ideas to help you get started.

Finding the perfect name for your video game business can be stressful. Searching for hours, getting less creative by the minute, and ending up with the same boring generic names. Not only does it feel like you’re running out of time, but you also need something that is going to attract a large audience as well as stand out from all the other businesses out there.

If you are starting a new video game business, or are currently in the process of rebranding, check out the name ideas below. We have done all of the hard work for you and have compiled a list of over 100 video game business names that you can use as inspiration to brainstorm your own unique name.

110+ Best Video Game Company Names

  1. The Gamer
  2. Virtual Fantasy
  3. Gaming Minute
  4. Digital Dawn
  5. GameX
  6. Playable
  7. Gamers Circle
  8. Game Studio
  9. Gaming Funz
  10. Game Garden
  11. Gaming Rookies
  12. Virtual City, Inc.
  13. GameOn Studios
  14. GameHub
  15. Realistic Games Inc.
  16. Golden Gaming Studio
  17. Gamer’s Paradise
  18. Mission Impossible Studio
  19. Gamers Republic Inc.
  20. Brainstorm Gaming
  21. Basement Games
  22. Epic Studios
  23. Mighty Gamers
  24. Games Alley
  25. Game Village
  26. Game World
  27. Empire Games
  28. The GameMasters
  29. GameStorm
  30. Geek City
  31. Fright Night Games
  32. Game Regime
  33. Goodgame Studios
  34. Insomniac Games
  35. Geeksquad
  36. Blizzard Games
  37. GameBlast
  38. Virtual Venture
  39. ReadySetPlay
  40. City Games & Toys Ltd.
  41. Game Busters LLC 
  42. Interactive Gaming Group
  43. Virtual Reality World LLC
  44. Game Hunters Club Inc.
  45. Adventure Interactive
  46. Bizarre Games
  47. Enriching Games
  48. New Era Video Games
  49. BestFun Video Games
  50. Fun Fun Games
  51. HomeBoy Games
  52. Game Joys
  53. Fun Creation Games
  54. GameZoo LLC
  55. Gaming Hut Inc.
  56. Video Games2Go LLC
  57. GameWays, LLC
  58. GameTech, Inc.
  59. GamesRUs LLC
  60. Game Play, Inc.
  61. Game Nation LLC
  62. 3D Games
  63. 4Fun Games
  64. 5Star Games
  65. Accelerate Studios
  66. Adventure Game Studio
  67. Alpha Games
  68. Amaze Entertainment
  69. Gamers Pro
  70. Game Workers
  71. Video Games Kings
  72. VR Mixers
  73. 2D Animation Creators
  74. Virtual World Gaming Studio
  75. VR Freak Gaming Zone
  76. All For Games
  77. Gameville
  78. GameCube
  79. GamesPlus
  80. Gamecorp
  81. Reliance Game Room
  82. Dreamerz Studio
  83. Video Remedy Games
  84. Gaming Accessories
  85. Beating the Boredom
  86. Gamer’s Clubhouse
  87. Noob Gaming Convention
  88. Gamenation
  89. Interacte Media
  90. Hyper Games
  91. Ultimate Games
  92. Sub Zero Gaming
  93. Game Workshop
  94. Game Master
  95. GameCult
  96. GameGuru
  97. Joyful Gamers Community
  98. Rockstar Games
  99. Gamers Store
  100. Gamers Paradise
  101. Cyberzone
  102. GameDesign
  103. VideoGameLab
  104. GamePassion
  105. Digital Fun Zone
  106. All Day Gaming Center
  107. Gamer Guy Club
  108. QuietGamer
  109. Gaming Bros
  110. Game Castle
  111. Gameland
  112. Gamedojo
  113. Level Up Studios
  114. Pro Plays Corner

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What Is a Video Game Business

Video game companies develop and publish video games for computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles, and other hardware. The industry includes publishers and developers of all sizes ranging from small startups to major publishers and manufacturers. Video game designs often rely on a creative staff that includes artists, programmers, sound designers, and writers.

The video game industry is a global phenomenon that touches almost every corner of the world. From massively popular franchises like League of Legends to niche titles such as Minecraft, these games can be found just about everywhere.

At the center of this growing industry are the companies that develop and publish these games. While many of them are in the business of creating and selling software, their reach extends much further, touching on everything from hardware design to professional esports leagues.

The main players in the industry include:

Game developers:

Game developers create new games from scratch. A game developer may be a single programmer working independently or an entire studio with hundreds of employees or more. Developers typically work on one or two projects at a time, either as an independent contractor or as part of a larger company.


Publishers are middlemen between game developers and players. They’re responsible for funding development, marketing the finished product, distributing it through various channels, and profiting from sales or subscriptions. Publishers may own the rights to their games or license them from developers.

Platform providers:

Platform providers manufacture hardware such as gaming consoles and portable devices — often in conjunction with software companies. They also develop software tools that help developers make games compatible with their platforms.

Why It’s Important to Pick a Good Name for Your Video Game Company

Choosing a name for your business is much more complicated than it seems. There’s a lot more to it than “I like this name” or “I like the way that sounds.” Your business name bears your brand and should help you stand out from the competition. It’s important to consider what message you want your company name to send to potential customers before you decide on the perfect business name.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to pick a good name for your video game company:

It helps you create a good brand image. A name can make or break your brand. Choose wisely because there are many factors that go into choosing a good brand name, including marketability and how well it will resonate with consumers. The right name can help create an instant connection between you and consumers, while the wrong one could leave them confused or indifferent.

It helps people remember you better. A catchy name can help customers remember your business easier, which means they’ll be more likely to think of you when they need something related to what you offer. You want people to remember your company in a positive light so they come back again later on down the road or recommend it to others who might also benefit from what you have available at any given time.

It helps differentiate your products and services from those offered by your competitors. It’s not enough for people to know about your brand; they have to be able to differentiate you from others offering similar items. This is why it’s so important that you choose a unique name for your video game company that sets you apart from others in this industry and makes you stand out.

It can give people an idea of what your company does before visiting your website or reading through information about your business. A name that is relevant and unique will give potential customers an idea of what you’re all about, which can make them more likely to click on links related to it or visit the website associated with it.

What Makes a Good Video Game Company Name?

Choosing a new video game company name is the first step in the process of creating a brand identity. A good name is memorable and easy to say and spell, while also giving people an idea of what your company is all about.

A good video game company name should be unique and reflect the personality of the company. You want to be able to separate yourself from your competitors and build a unique identity for your brand.

How to Choose a Video Game Company Name That Attracts Customers

When it comes to naming your video game company, there are a number of routes you can go. You can go with something whimsical and fun, or something dark and mysterious. You can choose a name based on fantasy or fiction or one based on reality. But no matter what you choose, there are some universal tips that will help you pick a name that’s right for your business.

Below are some tips for naming a video game-oriented business:

5 Tips for Choosing a Business Name for Your Video Game Startup

1. Keep it short and simple

Make sure your name is easy to spell and pronounce. Think of names like Google, Hulu, Skype, and Yahoo. These names are easy to remember and they have become household brand names that people from all over the world can identify with. Your business name should not be too long. Keep it short and sweet so that people can easily remember it.

2. Check if the domain name is available

It’s important that you check if your preferred domain name is available before going public with your new business name. You can check this by using a domain availability check tool like Instant Domain Search, Domize, or NameCheckr. If the domain name is already taken, then you may need to look for another name for your startup because having an available domain for your company will help improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking in search engines such as Google and Bing.

Remember, you’ll also need to register a Twitter handle or a Facebook page for your brand so make sure those are available as well before finalizing on a name.

3. Make it catchy and memorable

Think of a name that is unique, catchy, and easy to remember. The name should give a good impression about your business and set your business apart from your competitors. Include keywords that reflect your brand identity in the name. For example, you can use words like “game”, “play”, or “tech” if you want to create the impression that you are a tech company with a focus on video games.

4. Know your target audience

Knowing who you want to sell your games to will help make coming up with a name easier. Consider the kind of image you want your business name to have in order to attract customers. For example, if you’re making casual games for children, then you need a name that’s fun and playful. If your target audience is teenagers, then the name should be more edgy and hip. And if you’re targeting adults, then an intellectual or artistic business name might be more appropriate.

5. Include keywords in your name

If you want prospective customers to find you through search engines like Google, you’ll need to include keywords in your company’s name. For example, if your video game business specializes in creating games for mobile phones and tablets, then it would be wise to include “mobile” or “tablet” in the company’s name. Using a keyword in the company’s name will help direct online traffic toward your website and social media pages.


We hope that you found this list of video game company name ideas helpful in choosing the perfect name for your company. Before you finalize your name, make sure that you can get a matching domain name and social media accounts. It will be easier to start promoting your company if your website and social media profiles have the same brand identity.

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