199 Best Short Food Instagram Captions for Foodies

You love food and you love Instagram, so it’s time for some sweet Instagram captions that will make all your followers drool! Whether you’re a foodie, a pasta lover, a dessert shopaholic, a grill master, a pie baker, a pizza chef, a cupcake connoisseur, a brunch fanatic, a sandwich lover, a coffee addict, a chocolate maniac, a ramen noodle fanatic, or you just love snapping pictures of your meal, you’re sure to find some captions here that you can use to your Instagram food pictures! Scroll down to find the perfect caption to help your food pictures stand out and gain more attention on Instagram!

As a foodie, your life revolves around food. You probably dabble in different cuisines – from Italian to Indian to Thai to French to the Caribbean – and you would love to try new foods and eat out wherever the culinary world takes you. You’re always on the lookout for the next restaurant, cafe, or bistro that will give you a whole new dining experience. You also love to cook and experiment, learning new recipes and techniques just for the fun of it. You’re the one who goes out to restaurants not just for the food, but also to blog about your dining experience! You totally nerd out on food, and you know a lot about it!

You could be a chef who blogs about food or a professional food critic, both of which would require you to keep pictures of your food on Instagram! You surely have plenty of pictures of your yummiest meals on Instagram right now, but you’re looking for new captions that reflect your love. When you’re preparing a birthday cake, you want a caption that is full of love and warmth. When the holidays roll around, you’re also the one who wants to get the perfect pictures of your Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving feast, Easter spread, Valentine’s Day chocolates, Halloween treats, or New Year’s Eve dinner, not just for Instagram, but also for your blog! You take a lot of pictures of your food because you want to remember your meals forever!

You’re the one who loves to decorate your food and would want to post about it every year on Instagram. Your Instagram is a collection of your adventures in the culinary world, from the time you tried out a new Thai restaurant to the time you discovered that hidden Italian bakery in that small alleyway. You’re always looking for the next hotspot and you travel to new places, whether it’s to Toronto or Brooklyn or Richmond or San Francisco – you need a variety of new food experiences. Thanks to Instagram, you can just pull out your smartphone and snap a picture of the food you crave without leaving your couch!

As an Instagram foodie, your photography skills are top-notch. You have a special talent when it comes to taking pictures of food – you can always get just the right angle and lighting, you’re able to capture every detail of the dish you’re snapping, and even add a filter or two to brighten up your photo. You use your Instagram for the fun of it, not just to share a meal with your friends and family – you take pictures of food from all over the world, from the local restaurant to fancy Italian fare to Asian fusion dishes. Your followers love your food pics because they always look and sound delicious!

If you’re a foodie who loves great food and loves to share your culinary adventures with the world, then you might be wondering what kind of Instagram captions are right for your Instagram photos. You’re always looking for just the right caption to describe the food you love, and you want something that will really capture the essence of the food you’re snapping. After all, you want to make your food picture really stand out – you want your food photo to catch the eye of the right people, and get them interested in the dish. You want to be able to tell the food story with captions, and you’re looking for just the right words and sentences to do that.

So what kind of captions do you need for your food pictures on Instagram? The good news is that there’s no shortage of great sentences and phrases to describe food. You can find all the right words and phrases for your picture by exploring the food Instagram captions below, and you can use them to describe the food you’re taking a picture of. From savory to sweet, from small bites to share to meals in a bowl, you can use these Instagram captions to tell the story of your food.

These food Instagram captions below can help you tell your food story, make your dish more appealing to your followers, and get them to want to follow your account. You can simply copy and paste these Instagram captions, or you can use them to inspire your own sentence or paragraph. Whatever you want to do, these food-themed Instagram captions are sure to get you started.

199 Best Short Food Instagram Captions for Foodies

1. Bite me, please!

2. Desserts, coffee, and a good book? I’m in heaven!

3. I love food way too much.

4. I’m not a foodie, I’m just really hungry!

5. Baking is my stress relief.

6. Cupcakes are my weakness!

7. My latest favorite: spicy shrimp with coconut rice.

8. Mmm… French fries!

9. Can’t live without brownies.

dessert quotes for instagram

10. I can never get enough of classic French macarons.

11. I like it spicy, but not too spicy.

12. Waffles for breakfast, anyone?

13. I love a well-seasoned steak.

14. Forgive me, but I don’t do tomatoes.

15. I’m a huge fan of paella.

16. You can’t spell love without F-O-O-D!

17. I love a good old-fashioned burger.

18. Where would I be without my red wine?

19. I’m just a cupcake away from being happy.

20. My latest fave: Baked ziti.

21. Grilled chicken is my guilty pleasure.

chicken captions for instagram

22. My favorite combo: coffee + avocado toast.

23. I’m addicted to katsu curry!

25. Nothing beats the taste of a warm chocolate chip cookie straight from the oven!

26. My weekend feast: a classic steak, yum!

27. I’m in foodie heaven!

28. Sushi makes my mouth water every time.

29. I love a good bowl of ramen noodles.

30. I’m no vegetarian, but I do love veggies!

31. A good steak can never be beaten.

32. Another day, another cupcake!

33. A plate of poutine is my go-to comfort food for every night!

34. I’m in love with a good Caesar salad.

35. No brunch? No problem! Just a good bagel and coffee do the job.

36. I’m so hooked on ice cream!

dessert captions for instagram

37. I’m in the mood for a bowl of my grandma’s turkey soup.

38. How about a nice bowl of ramen for lunch?

39. Good food for good people!

40. I love to cook in my tiny apartment kitchen!

41. A good glass of red wine can always warm me up.

42. I really need an extra helping of fries!

43. I’m craving a good burger with all the fixings!

44. I’m thirsty, need water or juice!

45. A handful of good ol’ macaroons is all I need!

46. I’m almost at the bottom of my cup!

47. Nothing beats a good croissant.

48. I’m always looking for new ways to eat green beans!

49. I could eat sushi all day, every day!

food captions for instagram

50. Yummy mashed potatoes with gravy always hit the spot!

51. Five-spice chicken with rice noodles has me in the mood for the holidays!

52. Food makes me happy!

53. I’ve got a serious case of the munchies…

54. How about a slice of pie for dessert?

55. Spicy Thai noodles are my absolute favorite!

56. A nice cup of good coffee is always welcome in my morning routine!

57. Anything with bacon makes my day!

58. I’m hungry, where’s that pizza!?

59. You can never go wrong with spaghetti and meatballs for dinner!

60. I love the taste of fresh strawberry yogurt!

61. I’m not a coffee addict, but I do love some good coffee.

62. I’m always hungry!

63. Roasted potatoes are a great addition to any meal.

64. I’m just going to sit here and eat donuts all day!

65. Keep calm and eat cake!

funny food captions

66. I could eat this all day long…

67. Cheesy mac-and-cheese is the best!

68. I’m hungry! Who wants to grab some food?

69. Ice cream is the best way to end a meal!

70. Every vacation starts with a big ole breakfast.

71. I need a good cup of coffee to kick off the day!

72. Japanese food is my comfort food!

73. I’m always hungry, and I’m always eating!

74. My favorite new food obsession: bagels with lox and cream cheese.

75. I’m a burger girl.

76. Mmmmm… pie for dessert!

77. Just had the best meal ever.

78. Who’s ready for more wine? I am.

79. I love sushi!

80. What’s your favorite food? Mine is pizza.

81. My favorite hobby: eating.

82. Where’s my dessert menu? I need more dessert!

83. I’m always up for some Mexican food!

84. I need my macarons right now.

85. I’m hungry. Pass the food, please!

86. I’m obsessed with apple fritters!

87. It’s hard for me to eat vegetables sometimes. But I always love a good salad!

88. I’m starving! What’s for lunch?

89. Can we get some chocolate now? No, I don’t want to share!

90. I love a good bowl of pho.

91. My favorite breakfast combo: savory pancakes and bacon!

92. I love cream cheese on bagels!

93. How have I not tried this yet? It looks delicious!

94. I’m a foodie through and through.

95. I love to cook, but I really need to learn how to clean up after myself.

96. I’m so full! This was a big lunch!

97. I’m in the mood for a new pizza!

98. Classic PB&J, always.

sandwich captions

99. Never go to bed hungry, foodies!

100. The perfect fruit salad.

101. Good food can make bad days better.

102. Never stop tasting the food!

103. My favorite morning meal: a classic omelet with cheese.

104. I love a good hot dog on the 4th of July!

105. I’m going to pick up some bread and cheese on my way home tonight. Yum!

106. I’m feeling peckish.

107. My favorite part of every meal: dessert!

108. I’m craving sushi for lunch today.

lunch caption

109. Everything tastes better with wine!

110. I can’t live without a good bowl of Thai Food!

111. I’m always hungry to eat… and try new things!

112. I’m not a huge fan of meat, but I do love a good steak!

113. Lunch date, anyone?

114. The way to my heart is through food!

115. You can never go wrong with a good bagel and cup of coffee for breakfast!

117. What a feast!

118. My favorite midnight snack: chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!

119. I always have room for dessert!

120. My sweet tooth is insatiable! Pie, cake, brownies…

121. It’s always good to leave some food in the car for hungry friends.

122. I’m craving a two-for-one deal on hot dogs!

123. Spicy noodles are my go-to comfort food!

124. Nothing gets me out of bed faster than a good donut!

donut instagram captions

125. I love to make my own pizza to satisfy my cravings.

126. I’m addicted to avocados, always eatin’ em up!

127. I love to cook dinner for friends.

128. Red velvet cupcakes are my new favorite dessert!

129. Spicy food is always a good idea!

130. I’m full, but I still want more food!

131. Taking a break from my Thanksgiving feast.

132. A good burger with fries will always do the trick.

133. Feeling peckish? I want apple fritters!

134. Coffee does so much for me!

135. Nothing makes me grumpy like a bad meal.

136. I’m so hungry today! What do you guys want to eat?

137. Healthy food is the best food!

138. I love Thai food especially my favorite Tom Kha Soup!

139. Mom’s cooking is the best!

140. My sweet tooth is never satisfied!

141. I’m going to make myself a sandwich for lunch!

142. I need my afternoon snack!

143. My kitchen is my second home!

144. It’s no secret I love pie!

145. I love to cook everything, even if I burn everything. lol

146. My favorite kind of fried rice.

147. I’m in the mood for some good BBQ chicken!

148. Eating is my favorite hobby!

149. I can’t resist a good bowl of pho!

150. I’m the best cook ever!

151. Nothing makes me happier than a new recipe!

152. It’s always a good idea to order dessert when you go out for dinner!

153. That was a big meal! I’m full, but there is still plenty left on my plate!!

154. I’m hungry for some good Asian food!

155. It’s always good to have some wine at dinner time.

dinner captions for instagram

156. I can’t wait to try this recipe for pie.

157. I love my wife’s cooking!

158. Who’s ready to dig in? This looks delicious!

159. I’m going to take a big bite of this chocolate chip cookie and tell you what I think.

160. I’m always hungry, feed me!

161. I have a little addiction to bacon.

162. I’m a fish food fanatic!

163. I can’t wait to try this new recipe!

164. The only thing better than brownies is more brownies!

165. I love a good Asian stir-fry with rice and veggies. Yum!!

166. Come on, it’s about time we had a healthy meal!

167. McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Burger King are my go-to fast food options!

168. Eating is a hobby of mine! lol

169. I love making dinner for my friends and family!

170. Still hungry!

171. Yay! It’s my birthday, and I get to eat whatever I want!

172. Mmmm, that’s the best tasting food I’ve ever eaten!

173. I need a little snack right now.

174. My favorite Sunday brunch: bacon and eggs!

175. A girl’s gotta have her chocolate fix!

176. Ugh, I can’t believe I ate the whole bag of chips!

178. The way to my heart is through food!

179. The best part about picnics is always the delicious food!

180. I’m always in the mood for some good Chinese food!

181. What time is it? I need food.

182. I’m hungry. Someone order me some food!

183. I love to eat healthily!

184. I really love Chinese food, especially Kung Pao Chicken!

185. My favorite thing to eat with coffee is banana bread!

186. I hate eating alone.

187. Dinner is served!

188. Omg, this pasta looks so good! Literally drooling over here!

189. How can I not love food?

190. I’m hungry, let’s go grab some food!

191. I love to cook!

192. Yummm, mini cupcakes!

cake instagram captions

193. It’s always good to have a snack in the car for when you get hungry on a road trip.

194. Need a quick meal? How about a pancake sandwich?

195. I love to cook, but it’s not always easy to clean up afterward…

196. Donuts are my favorite food (next to pie)!

197. Spicy food will always have my heart!

198. Definitely need a snack before work!

199. Nothing can compare to mom’s cooking.


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