150+ Best BPO Company Name Ideas for Your Cleaning Service Business

Struggling to find inspiration for a cleaning service business name? Here we have compiled a list of 150+ catchy cleaning company name ideas that will help you brainstorm and come up with your own unique name.

No matter what type of business you are in, the company name is a huge part of it all. From your website and social media to your signage and even voicemail greeting, it can be nearly impossible to escape your company name, making it a vital component of your brand’s identity.

Since you already have the right tools and equipment to get your cleaning service business up and running, there is only one big item left on your checklist: choosing a great name. And while that may seem like something that’s easily checked off, it actually takes quite a bit of thought.

Choosing the perfect name for your cleaning company will take some time and planning. You want something that reflects the type of services you offer as well as the overall image and reputation you want to create for yourself.

So how do you come up with a good name for your business?

If you are struggling to come up with some ideas for your cleaning company, this article will give you some useful tips as well as a list of great names to choose from.

We’ve put together a list of over 150+ catchy, clever, creative business name ideas for cleaning service businesses, and you can also use them as usernames for your LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and more.

150+ Best Cleaning Service Business Name Ideas for BPO Companies

​​1. Maid Easy
2. Local Cleaning Heroes
3. Spotless
4. The Tidy Team
5. Home Cleaning Solutions
6. Lovely Maids
7. Family Cleaning Force
8. Fresh Start Housekeeping
9. Spotless Home Services
10. A Rainbow of Cleaning Services
11. The Helpful Maids
12. Sparkling Homes LLC.
13. Refreshing Homes cleaning service
14. Your Way Cleaning Service
15. Cleaning by Angels
16. Gentle Hands Cleaning Service
17. Impeccable Cleaning Company
18. The Cleaning Force
19. Premiere Cleaning
20. Well Done Maid Service
21. Crammed Cleaning Crew
22. We Can Mop It
23. Home Maid Better.
24. Housework Heroes
25. Shiny and Bright Cleaning
26. Crystal Clear Cleaning
27. Maids On Time
28. Your Everyday Helper
29. Dust Busters Cleaning Services
30. Unique Cleaning Service
31. Maid for You Cleaning Service
32. Clean Sweep To It All
33. The Cleaning Spot
34. Modern Cleaning
35. The Cleaning Agency
36. The Maids of Distinction
37. All Season Cleaning Services
38. The Thorough Cleaners
39. Around the Clock Cleaning Service
40. Everyday Sunshine Cleaning Services
41. Cleaning Squad
42. Mama’s Cleaners
43. Cleaning Express
44. The Maids Home Services
45. AmeriClean
46. Evergreen Cleaning
47. Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services
48. Extremely Maid
49. Maids on a Mission
50. All-Clean Services
51. The Shining Stars
52. Spotless Cleaning Solutions
53. The Cleaning Authority
54. The Cleaning Pros
55. Clean Sweep
56. The Clean Team
57. Maids on the Run
58. Maid to Order
59. Housekeeping 911
60. HomeSafe BPO Services
61. ServiceMaster Clean
62. The Cleaning Crew
63. Cleanex
64. ProCleaners
65. Natural Green Cleaning Services
66. Complete Janitorial Service
67. Angel Home Services
68. Leave It To Us Cleaning Service
69. Easy Going Home Cleaning Services
70. A-Z Cleaning Service
71. Professional Cleaning Services
72. Cleaning 4 U
73. Cleaning Angels
74. Unusual Cleaning Services
75. The Cleaning Ninjas
76. Clean Sweep Bros
77. Clean Pro
78. The Stubborn Stain Busters
79. A1 Cleaning Services
80. Ability Cleaning Services
81. Absolutcleaning
82. Ace Cleaning Service
83. All House Cleaners
84. Always Ready Cleaning Service
85. Cleaners Direct
86. Happy House Cleaning
87. The Spotless Co.
88. Your Maids Inc.
89. Careful Cleaning Company
90. Fresh Start Cleaning
91. Clever Cleaning
92. Shine Bright
93. Wipe Out
94. Royalty Cleaning
95. Brilliant Cleaners
96. Spotless Inc
97. Supreme Maid’s
98. Happy Homes Cleaning Agency
99. Crystal Clean Cleaning Agency
100. Always and Forever Cleaning Agency
101. Shiny and Bright Cleaning Agency
102. Fresh and Clean Cleaning Agency
103. Masters of Dirt Cleaners
104. Fresh Start Cleaners
105. Sparkling Shine Co.
106. Super Shine Company
107. Innovative Cleaning
108. The Clean-Up Crew
109. Maids of Honor
110. Maid for You
111. Home Maids
112. Extraordinary Cleaning Service
113. Sparkle Pros
114. Personal Touch Cleaning
115. Maids Service King
116. One-Stop Cleaning Center
117. Affordable Cleaning Service, Inc.
118. Quality Cleaning Services
119. We Do It All, Inc.
120. The Janitorial Store
121. Crystal Shine Services
122. Supreme Cleaning Services
123. New Age Cleaning
124. Best Cleaning Solutions Inc.
125. Always Clean Services LLC.
126. Best Housekeeping Services Inc.
127. Bestcleaning services Co. Ltd.
128. Magic Touch Solutions LLC.
129. BPO Easy Cleaning Service
130. Busy Bee Cleaning Services
131. Classy Carpet Cleaners
132. Always Bright Cleaning LLC
133. Always Ready 2 Clean LLC
134. Perfect Cleaning Services
135. A-One Cleaning Services
136. 4U Cleaning Services
137. Custom Cleaning Services
138. Deep Window Cleaning Services
139. Dry Carpet Cleaning Services
140. The Helping Hand
141. Mr. Clean
142. Faithful Cleaners Inc.
143. Green Cleaning Service
144. HandyCleaners Corp.
145. Housemaids, Inc.
146. iClean Ltd.
147. Cleaning Hero
148. Green Earth Cleaners
149. Fresh and Clean
150. Home Sweet Home Cleaners
151. Sparkling Fresh Maids
152. Sparkle & Shine Cleaners
153. Spotless Heaven

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What is a Cleaning Service Company

A cleaning business is a local service-oriented business that provides services such as office cleaning, janitorial work, residential maid services, laundry cleaning, carpet cleaning and washing, window washing, pool cleaning, gutter cleaning, and other similar cleaning services. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the different types of cleaning services you can provide.

Types of Cleaning Businesses

Residential Cleaning Services

Residential cleaning services include all types of home cleaning — from roofs to windows to carpets to kitchens and bathrooms. The most commonly offered residential cleaning service is housekeeping or maid service wherein the service provider offers routine housekeeping duties on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, etc.).

Commercial Building Cleaning Services

Commercial building cleaning services include basic janitorial tasks such as emptying trash cans, vacuuming floors, dusting surfaces, and keeping restrooms clean. Commercial building cleaners typically work during non-business hours so that they do not disturb the employees who work in the building.

Specialty Cleaning Services

Specialty cleaning services include all types of specialty cleaning from car detailing to carpet shampooing to lawn care. Many specialty cleaners also offer window washing and floor waxing which are included in the wide range of services they offer.

The Importance of a Great Business Name for a Cleaning Service Company

There are many reasons why a great business name is important to have for your cleaning service company. A great name can help you get more clients, it can help you build your reputation, and it can help you become more visible to potential clients. More than just a slogan, a great business name is a promise of what the cleaning service company can do for their clients.

It is also important that you choose a business name that will make it easy for people to remember the name of your cleaning service company. If the name does not seem to fit together with the type of services that you offer, then the chances of getting people to remember your business name will decrease significantly.

What Makes a Good Cleaning Service Business Name?

Before you start your cleaning business, you need to think of a good business name. Your business name helps clients identify your company, and differentiate it from other companies in the industry.

A good business name is one that is unique, conveys what your business does, and is easy to remember, identify and pronounce. A good business name should also be available as a domain name for your website, social media profiles, and email accounts.

How To Choose the Best Business Name for Your Cleaning Service Company

Choosing the best business name for your cleaning service company plays a vital role in overall success. It is not just a name it is the first impression of your business. It is like a brand that represents your cleaning services. A good name will give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It makes it easy to attract customers and helps people to remember you and share with others. A bad name can put you down in the market even if you offer great services.

To find a catchy name for your cleaning service company, follow these tips:

5 Tips on Naming a Cleaning Service Company

1. Choose a name that reflects your brand’s core values:

A good name should express what kind of services your business will provide, and how you will provide them. If you want to be known as a fast, reliable, and affordable cleaning service provider, choose something that reflects those qualities. On the other hand, if you are aiming for premium quality at high-end prices, choose a name that can reflect that positioning too.

2. Keep it short and simple:

Make sure it is easy to pronounce, spell and remember so that people could easily share it with others by word of mouth or social media posts without any spelling mistakes or confusion. 

3. Use keywords:

Some of the most common keywords that you should use are “cleaning”, “housekeeping”, “cleanup”, etc. These words or phrases will help people easily recognize what your business is about. You can also include other related words such as “maids”, “janitors” or “housekeepers”. This will make it clear as day what your business does.

4. Pick words with positive connotations:

You want people to feel happy when they hear or think of your company’s name, so pick words with positive associations. A good example is using a word like “happy” in your name. It makes people feel happy just by saying it!

5. Check for Domain Availability:

If you’re planning on having a website for your cleaning service company, it’s important to check if the domain name you want is available. Visit GoDaddy, type in the name you want, and click “Go”. If the domain name is available, consider buying it so no one else can use it.


Here you have it! The best BPO company names for your cleaning service business.

Hopefully, you will find one that will strike your fancy and make for an excellent name for your cleaning service business.

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