255 Best Three Word Instagram Captions for Your Selfies

All right, so you’re convinced that creating Instagram captions is a necessary part of your marketing strategy. But you may not have any idea of what makes a good caption. This is not a problem. In this post, we have compiled the best three word Instagram captions for you to use so that you can share your posts with your friends and followers in a creative way.

Three word Instagram captions are a great way to get creative and express your personality and individuality. Using three word Instagram captions is a great way to catch the attention of your followers and engage them in sharing your post and liking them. They can be funny, cute, motivational, inspirational, or personal. They can be serious, catchy, deep, or intriguing. You can use them to show your appreciation of something interesting in your life, to boost your self-esteem, to inspire yourself, or to say something that you might be too shy to say. The three word Instagram captions are also good to use when you are posting something expressive that you want to make personal and meaningful for people.

If you’re looking for the three word Instagram captions to use as your next caption, you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find some of the best three word Instagram captions that are perfect for sharing with your Instagram followers. From cute, funny, and inspiring to serious and encouraging, you can find them all below. You can also use them as quotes to share on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts.

Here are some of the best 3 word Instagram captions that you can use for your next post. You can easily copy and paste them into the Instagram caption field or use them as inspiration for creating one of your own.

255 Best Three Word Instagram Captions for Your Next Posts

1. Escape the ordinary

2. Seize the day

3. Catch a glimpse

4. Time for changes

5. Dream big dreams

6. Live out loud

7. Believe in yourself

8. Be the exception

9. Find your calling

10. Follow your heart

11. Just be awesome

12. Enjoy every moment

13. Count your blessings

14. Do it now

15. Now or never

16. Make yourself proud

17. Average is boring

18. Find your wild

19. Born to shine

20. Find your passion

21. Love without limits

22. Cash is king

23. Never give up

24. Make a difference

25. Try something new

26. Love makes miracles

27. Dreams come true

28. Spread your love

Best Three Word Instagram Captions for Your Next Posts

29. Always be happy

30. Live for today

31. Reclaim your power

32. Be a dreamer

33. Nothing is impossible

34. Embrace your life

35. Make it happen

36. Break the rules

37. Trust your instinct

38. Go for it

39. Shake things up

40. Reclaim your time

41. Live to love

42. Believe in miracles

43. Let it go

44. I am sorry

45. Speak the truth

46. Change is good

47. Do not judge

48. Be my hero

49. No strings attached

50. Live your dreams

51. Never look back

52. Marry me now

53. Love conquers all

54. Forgive my sins

55. Time heals everything

Best Three Word Instagram Captions for Your Next Posts

56. Follow your heart

57. Laugh more often

58. I love you

59. Believe in love

60. Keep the faith

61. Never let go

62. Love is everything

63. Rise and shine

64. Laugh with me

65. Take my hand

66. Love yourself first

67. Celebrate your life

68. Love never fails

69. Thankful for today

70. Always and forever

71. Make a wish

72. Hugs heal all

73. Be happy today

74. I will survive

75. No matter what

76. Keep moving forward

Best Three Word Instagram Captions for Your Next Posts

77. Follow your dreams

78. Believe in magic?

79. A new day

80. Keep on dreaming

81. Save every penny

82. Hold my hand

83. Got your back

84. Keep it fun

85. Let it be

86. This will pass

87. Life won’t wait

88. Learn from yesterday

89. The new you

90. Safe and sound

91. I will overcome

92. Change is good

93. The first step

94. Mind over matter

95. Going the distance

96. Keep it cool

97. Ask for help

98. Be a giver

99. Design your life

100. Why so serious?

101. You complete me

102. Make new friends

103. Remember your lessons

104. No more excuses

105. Always be yourself

Best Three Word Instagram Captions for Your Next Posts

106. Never give up

107. Defy the odds

108. I am enough

109. Break the cycle

110. Nobody is perfect

111. Good vibes only

112. Against all odds

113. See the world

114. Watch your step

115. Block out haters

116. Love your enemies

117. Beat the odds

118. I am alive

119. Pay it forward

120. Find your balance

121. Life is good

122. Light it up

123. Change your world

124. Choose happiness now

125. Give thanks today

126. Never stop dreaming

127. Always and forever

128. No more drama

129. Say it loud

130. Embrace the storms

131. Love is love

132. Own it all

133. You got this

134. Be an inspiration

135. Make a change

136. Never say never

139. Live for today

140. Do it now

141. Appreciate the moment

142. Remember to live

143. Because I can

144. Feed your soul

145. Use your wings

146. Always a bridesmaid

147. Hit the goals

148. Focus and win

149. Enjoy Little Moments

150. Best friends forever

151. Share my smile

152. Take the leap

Best Three Word Instagram Captions for Your Next Posts

153. Family is Forever

154. Conquer from within

155. Winners never quit

156. Be a Light

157. Open your heart

158. Love your life

159. Keep moving forward

160. Fearless and Free

161. Pick yourself up

162. A fresh start

163. Get over it

164. keep it simple

165. Love endures delay

166. My own rules

167. Normal is boring

168. Fear no more

169. All is well

170. I am grateful

171. Take a risk

172. Create your destiny

173. Let love in

174. Things turn best

175. Love and light

176. Do your best

177. Believe in truth

178. Set the pace

179. Live fear free

180. Slice of life

181. Be a warrior

182. Change is here

183. I will succeed

184. Always be brave

185. No fear allowed

186. Keep it real

187. Face your fears

188. Shine your light

189. Ride the waves

190. Breathe in life

191. Lean into change

192. Forgive and forget

193. Life is a marathon

194. Live with purpose

195. Nothing stops me

196. Believe in miracles

197. Make a wish

198. Be my light

199. Better each day

200. My next step

201. You are a star

202. No more excuses

203. Practice makes perfect

204. Fierce and Free

205. Be my defender

206. Love beyond time

207. Face your demons

208. Together we win

209. Give thanks always

210. Take it easy

211. Be brave today

212. Find your way

213. Keep going strong

214. The better me

215. Sing with me

216. I am unstoppable

217. Go beyond limits

218. Happiness is mine

219. Be the change

220. Love lasts forever

221. I am limitless

222. I choose me

223. Always keep learning

224. Never give in

225. Make life epic

226. I miss you

227. Where are you?

228. Make things happy

229. Find your shine

230. Take a break

Best Three Word Instagram Captions for Your Next Posts

231. Take your chance

232. I am loved

233. See you soon

234. I am free

235. Happy thoughts only

236. Make yourself proud

237. My happy place

238. Follow your bliss

239. Need a hug?

240. Keep on running

241. Make it work

242. Smiles are free

244. Choose your path

245. Love is calling

246. You and me

247. Learn to love

248. Play with me

249. Manifest your dreams

250. Happiness is here

251. Make it count

252. Trust the process

253. Be a queen

254. Have a blast

255. A new beginning

Final Words

Okay, now that you’ve got a ton of awesome 3 word captions for Instagram. Some of them are funny, some of them are inspirational, some of them are cute, and some of them are really deep. These are great for throwing in the caption when you’re taking a selfie with friends, or if you’re shooting around a city, or taking some landscape photos, or just sharing some really nice photos with your Instagram followers. You can also share them through your Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms as well. You can even use these for your greeting cards, for notes, for scrapbooking, for making a poster, or you can put them on some mugs or some t-shirts.

People love seeing motivational, funny, cute, and inspirational quotes on social media, and they’ll love seeing these on their Instagram feeds, too. This is a great way to bring people together, and it’s also a way of communicating with your friends and family, and showing some love and affection, whether you’re sharing it with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, mom, dad, daughter, son, sisters, brothers, or other close friends.

After you’ve chosen your favorite, just copy and paste it into the caption box of your Instagram post, or you can tweak it so that it fits your needs better. Don’t forget to use hashtags with your post, so that you can get more exposure in the Instagram community.

Hopefully, this gives you some inspiration and you’re able to express yourself more effectively using these Instagram captions.


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