253 Short Summer Captions for Instagram

Need the perfect summer caption for your next Instagram post? Here we’ve gathered some of our favorite captions for you to use. Whether you are sharing a photo of the beach with your friends, or a selfie with the sunset in the background, these summer captions will help you express your love for summer in the most creative way.

Short Summer Captions for Instagram

  1. Life is better in the sun.
  2. The beach is my happy place.
  3. Forever chasing the sun.
  4. All you need is sun, sand, and a cocktail.
  5. Mentally on the beach.
  6. Summer, I’m coming for you!
  7. Yes, I live on the beach. Deal with it.
  8. Paradise found.
  9. Everything I need is right here.
  10. Let’s get sandy.
  11. Beach, please.
  12. Soaking up the sun.
  13. Sunbathing is not a crime.
  14. It’s never boring at the beach.
  15. I love summer!!!
  16. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy sunscreen.
  17. Let me catch the sunset.
  18. Let’s ride the waves.
  19. Beach bumming is life, baby!
  20. Have fun at the beach, kids!
  21. Sun, sea, and sand—all your friends are here.
  22. Beach party time!
  23. I love my summer vacation!!!
  24. At the beach drinking wine? I’m there!
  25. You can’t beat a beach day!
  26. Lesson learned: Always bring an umbrella to the beach.
  27. This is my paradise!
  28. Baby, I want some more beach.
  29. Sunshine & sand! Life is better here!
  30. Let’s go take a sunset walk on the beach.
  31. Summer, I never want to leave you!
  32. Let’s live like we’re on a tropical island!
  33. Summer’s not over yet!!!
  34. Summer loves me!!
  35. It’s never too early for a beach party!
  36. I’m feeling very beachy today.
  37. I can’t wait to see you… at the beach!
  38. Let’s go swimming!
  39. The sun, sea, and sand are all mine!
  40. Wanna go on a tropical vacation?
  41. I’m ready for summer!!
  42. Summer, come and get me!!!
  43. The beach is calling my name!
  44. Come ride the waves with me.
  45. Summertime!
  46. Summer, I’m BEGGING you to stay!
  47. I need a beach vacation ASAP.
  48. Let’s pack our bags and go somewhere tropical!
  49. Summer, YOU complete me!
  50. Beach, sun, & surf: The perfect vacation.
  51. Beach, sun, and fun!
  52. I love summer… every single day!
  53. Let’s take a walk and soak up some vitamin D.
  54. Life is about to get beachier & sunnier!
  55. Let’s go on a tropical vacation together!
  56. Sun, surf, & fun… yay!
  57. I was born to be a beach boy!
  58. Let’s get sunshine on the beach!
  59. What a beautiful day to be on the beach!
  60. Let’s do some beach yoga!
  61. Where are you taking me? The beach, of course!
  62. Please, God, just one more day of sunshine.
  63. I can’t wait to get into the sun!
  64. I can’t wait to see you on the beach!
  65. You can’t beat summertime!
  66. Let’s run and play in the sand today.
  67. Walking on the beach with you is my paradise!
  68. Let’s spend ALL our time at the beach!
  69. I love sunbathing on the beach!
  70. The world needs more sunshine!
  71. Let’s go on a day-long beach date!
  72. You are my sunshine!
  73. Best. Beach. Ever!
  74. The sun, the sand, and you… I love summer!
  75. The sun is my BFF.
  76. Let’s get on the sand & have some fun!
  77. It’s time for a beach picnic!
  78. I’m ready for bikini season!
  79. Time to go on a tropical vacation!
  80. Seashells, sunsets & YOU!
  81. The ocean speaks to me!
  82. Let’s pack our carry-on bags and go on a beach picnic!
  83. Bikini season is upon us!
  84. I live for the beach!
  85. Beach, here we come!
  86. Let’s go on an ocean adventure!
  87. Can’t wait to share a beach umbrella with you!
  88. We just want to lay on the beach and get tan!
  89. The beach is my happy place!
  90. Let’s go play in the sand!
  91. We should go to a waterpark!
  92. Sun, sand, surf… what more do we need?
  93. We are at the beach to make memories!
  94. Go on a tropical vacation with me!
  95. Let’s get hot & sweaty at the beach!
  96. Wanna join me for a swim?
  97. Let’s go on an island adventure!
  98. I can’t wait to see you by the waves!
  99. Play with me in the ocean!
  100. Let’s make a sandcastle!
  101. I want to be a mermaid today!
  102. Play with me in the water!
  103. Come see me by the waves!
  104. We should make a castle in the sand!
  105. I can’t wait to swim with you!
  106. I’m going to keep practicing my flip turns!
  107. Today I want to stay longer in the ocean!
  108. Make a sandcastle with me!
  109. Come play in the waves with me.
  110. We should play in the waves today!
  111. Let’s build a sandcastle or something today!
  112. Come on, let’s go swimming!
  113. Watch me dive into the ocean!
  114. I love walking on the beach with you!
  115. Let’s build sandcastles & have a water fight!
  116. Happy summer, BFF!
  117. Let’s go for a dip in the ocean!
  118. Sunbathing is my favorite!
  119. I’m feeling the sun!
  120. Ocean, here we come!
  121. I love the feeling of sand between my toes!
  122. I’m going to build the most AMAZING sand castle today!
  123. The tide is high! Come play with me!
  124. It’s sooooo sunny out!
  125. I want to get tanning today!
  126. I feel like a mermaid!
  127. Summer, you better stay!
  128. Let’s have a beach picnic!
  129. I can’t wait to get in the water!
  130. I’m ready for a beach party!
  131. Life is better on the beach with you.
  132. Ocean, come get me!
  133. Feeling beachy?
  134. Sun, sand & surf… the perfect vacation!
  135. Breathe in the sun & relax.
  136. I’m ready to go on a tropical vacation!
  137. The more you soak up the sun, the better you feel.
  138. Sun, beach & friends!
  139. I’m ready for tanning season!
  140. I love how the sun shines on my soul!
  141. Let’s get on the beach & find some treasure.
  142. Beaches, books & tea!
  143. The sun is shining… life is good.
  144. On the sand, you find your soulmate!
  145. I love tanning by the sun!
  146. I like feeling the sun on my skin!
  147. All I need is sun, sand, & a good book!
  148. I could never get tired of the beach.
  149. Be a mermaid with me!
  150. Come walk with me in the sand.
  151. I love how the sun shines on my face!
  152. I can’t get enough beach time!
  153. I’m on a beach adventure!
  154. Grab your sunglasses & let’s go to the beach!
  155. Beach, please… NOW!
  156. Summer, I need you to stay forever!
  157. Come join me in the water!
  158. Can’t wait for beach volleyball season!
  159. Oh! It’s going to be sunny & hot today!
  160. I can’t wait to be a mermaid!
  161. I’m on a tropical vacation!
  162. Let’s run in the sand!
  163. I need a tropical vacation so bad!
  164. Beach, here we come!!!
  165. I’m ready to go on a tropical getaway!
  166. Oh, summer… I can’t wait!
  167. Bring me a palm tree & sand lotion!
  168. It’s time to get wet & sandy!
  169. Be ready for water balloon fights!
  170. I want to be as tan as my surfer boy!
  171. Sun, sand & surf… life is awesome.
  172. I can’t believe summer is almost over!
  173. Summer, please, stay a while longer!
  174. Come play in the sand with me!
  175. I am ready to soak up some vitamin D!
  176. I’m feeling super beachy today!
  177. Come play in the waves with me!
  178. Can’t wait to get tanned!
  179. Come and visit me at the beach!
  180. Summer, you are my sweetheart!
  181. I love how the sun sparkles on the ocean water!
  182. Feeling beachy!
  183. Come see the ocean with me!
  184. Let’s go on a long walk on the beach!
  185. Exercise every day—even at the beach!
  186. I could never get tired of the sun!
  187. Let’s take a stroll on the beach.
  188. Glorious sunshine!
  189. Time to soak up some sun!
  190. I love the warm summer breeze!
  191. I’m ready to play on the beach!
  192. I must get my tan on!
  193. Looking for treasure on the beach?
  194. I’m on an ocean adventure!
  195. Let’s take a romantic walk on the beach today.
  196. You are my sunshine!
  197. Let’s go on a Hawaiian vacation!
  198. Feeling summery today!
  199. Swimming in the ocean always cheers me up!
  200. Hey, beach boy… come play with me!
  201. Time to roll in the sand!
  202. It’s time to get some color on my skin!
  203. Laying in the sun is my favorite!
  204. Let’s soak up some vitamin D!
  205. It’s going to be sunny & hot today!
  206. The sun is hot & so am I!
  207. You and the ocean—my perfect day!
  208. Let’s go pick up some shells!
  209. Hello, beautiful sunshine!
  210. Let’s get sand in our toes!
  211. I need some sun today!
  212. You are the sun of my life!
  213. The sun always cheers me up!
  214. Nothing feels better than a sun shower!
  215. Hey, summer! Come back soon, okay?
  216. Our love is like the sun—bright & warm!
  217. Laying in the sand with you warms my heart!
  218. Come walk with me in the sand today!
  219. Keep calm & soak up the sun!
  220. Summer, you make me feel alive!
  221. Hey, beach boy… let’s go to the pool!
  222. Less Monday, more beach time!
  223. Every summer needs a sundress…
  224. We need more sun in our lives!
  225. Peace, love & sunshine!
  226. It’s so hot & sunny out—time for a swim!
  227. Fill your life with sunshine!
  228. Where’s the beach? I need a vacation!
  229. The sexiest way to get tan!
  230. Everybody needs a little beach time!
  231. I’m a summer girl through & through!
  232. Surf: my favorite sport!
  233. I need to get sun-kissed!
  234. I’m a sun worshipper!
  235. It’s so hot! Time to grab a pair of shades!
  236. You looked like a sun god, walking into the room!
  237. Summer is all about me & you!
  238. I need a new summer romance…
  239. I love summer & I love you!
  240. I have an ocean obsession!
  241. Ooh, it’s getting so hot out!
  242. Hey, girl! Come hang by the waves with me.
  243. Let’s layout on the sand & read a book!
  244. I need to get out of the house & soak up some sun!
  245. Hey, gorgeous! The beach is just around the corner.
  246. Taking an ocean vacation… so awesome!
  247. Sunshine & love… that’s all I need.
  248. There’s nothing better than the beach & you!
  249. Be my summer love!
  250. I’m ready for lazy summer days!

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Okay, now that you’ve read all the best short summer captions for Instagram, it’s time to pick one to add to your photos and make your summer posts even more memorable!

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