227 Cute and Simple Fall Instagram Captions for Your Autumn Pics

Do you have the perfect, fall-themed photo but no caption to go along with it? Or perhaps you’ve taken the perfect photo of your pumpkin spice latte, but you’ve got no idea what to put as the caption? Whether you’re looking to fill your feed with a nice, seasonal selfie shot or looking to capture some memories of autumn fun and family togetherness, we’ve got you covered. From simple yet sweet, to funny and clever, to punny and cute, we’ve rounded up the perfect captions for your fall photos. You’ll find all the caption inspiration you need in the list below.

Fall means picking apples and pumpkins, cooler temperatures, and leaves changing color. It’s the time when you start drinking pumpkin spice lattes or apple ciders, wearing sweaters and warm coats, going to apple or pumpkin picking farms, and getting ready for Halloween! It’s also the time of year that’s perfect for taking pictures of fall scenery or fall events, such as apple picking, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, haunted houses, and more.

Fall traditions are a blast to get involved with and to have lots of fun activities to do with your family. Even if you’re not into the traditions of fall, you can still have some fun with it by taking photos of the beautiful fall scenery, some delicious fall treats, and drinks, or your favorite fall outfit. If you’re into DIY projects, you can also make all kinds of fall-themed crafts such as fall wreaths, fall centerpieces, pumpkin decor, and more. Either way, there are lots of things to do this season that you can put into pictures.

Summer is definitely over, winter is not yet here. That means it’s time for fall fun. So get on the season’s vibe and fill your Instagram feed with some of your favorite fall-themed photos. And of course, make sure to include a seasonal caption when you share your photos with the world. If you need some inspiration for captioning your fall pics, take a look at the captions below. We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re a fall fanatic or you’re just jumping onto the season’s bandwagon, these captions are perfect for your autumn pics.

Here are some of the best Instagram captions for autumn photos and selfies, you can copy and paste these captions into your Instagram captions, or you can tweak them to your personal preferences.

227 Cute and Simple Fall Instagram Captions for Your Autumn Pics

1. Ah, the smell of fall…

2. Come on in for some warm apple cider.

3. Fall is in the air.

4. Make it a wonderful fall day.

5. The perfect weather for fall fun.

6. Where is the pumpkin spice latte? I need one!

7. Another beautiful autumn day.

8. Stay warm, and enjoy the fall.

9. Scarecrow day!

10. Time to go apple picking!

apple picking captions

11. The crisp smell of fall…

12. I’m fall-ing for you.

13. Pumpkins all around!

14. Harvest time!

15. Smell of fall… YUM!

16. Bring on the fall colors!

17. Yay for fall!

18. Brr, it’s getting chilly!

19. The perfect day for a bonfire!

20. Smells like autumn…

21. Pumpkin spice, yum!

22. Fall: Time to get cozy.

23. Apple picking? Sign me up!

24. Scary scarecrow day!

25. I’m ready for Halloween!

26. Keep calm and do Halloween!

funny fall captions

27. Time to go trick-or-treating!

28. Smells like Halloween…

29. Happy autumn everyone!

30. Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere!

31. Time for a Thanksgiving feast!

32. Autumn is here.

33. Fall colors are on their way.

34. Warm and cozy!

35. Carve pumpkins!

36. A day with the pumpkin patch.

37. Want to see the leaves change?

38. Fall is on its way to us!

39. Halloween is coming soon.

40. Let’s go to the pumpkin patch!

41. Fall sweaters? Yes, please!

42. I love autumn, don’t you?

43. A pumpkin for breakfast?

44. Let’s make a pumpkin pie!

45. I can’t wait for Halloween!

46. Pumpkin recipes!

47. Pumpkin carving ideas!

48. Trick or treating!

49. Halloween is fun!

50. “Pumpkin Patch” – a fun fall activity!

pumpkin patch instagram captions

51. Go for a hike!

52. Hello, pumpkin.

53. Time for fall activities!

54. The perfect day for apple picking!

55. Autumn has arrived!

simple fall captions

56. Let’s go to the apple orchard!

57. Calling all ghouls and goblins!

58. Busy day at the pumpkin patch.

59. Apple harvest season is upon us!

60. Time to pick some apples!

61. Apple picking fun!

62. Pumpkin patch day? Yup, let’s go!

63. Time for an autumn hike.

64. Going to the pumpkin patch!

65. The smell of pumpkins everywhere…

pumpkin patch instagram captions

66. Happy fall, everyone!

67. Time to go pumpkin picking!

68. It’s time for an autumn hike!

69. Pumpkin or apple? Which do you prefer?

70. It’s apple picking time, yay!

71. Maple syrup!

72. Warm the house with a pumpkin spice candle!

73. Pumpkin pie for dinner!

74. Smelling the fall air.

75. Time for some pumpkin spice.

76. Picking pumpkins with my family.

77. Getting ready for Halloween!

78. Warm up with some hot apple cider!

79. We’re into fall now! Yay!

80. Pumpkin carving fun!

81. On the hunt for pumpkins.

82. Calling all pumpkins…

83. Fall activities, ready to go!

84. Fall leaves, my favorite!

85. Time to get cozy!

86. Let’s shop for some fall decorations.

87. Gearing up for fall.

88. Fall colors are in town…

89. Time to stroll through the autumn leaves.

90. Fall is coming… WOOHOO!

91. Catching the crisp autumn air… I love it!

92. Pumpkin spice latte, my favorite!

93. Time for fall yard games!

94. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream is SO good!

95. Dancing in the autumn leaves.

96. Rain or shine, we’re going apple picking!

97. Pumpkin carving with my kids… super fun!

98. Time to walk through the leaves…

autumn vibes quotes

99. Have a spooktacular Halloween!

100. Don’t forget to have some Thanksgiving turkey!

101. Time to shop for Thanksgiving foods!

102. Fall crafts to do with the kids… fun!

103. Gathering pumpkins from the patch… so exciting!

104. Beautiful fall day, isn’t it?

105. Enjoying the autumn air…

cute fall instagram captions

106. Baking some pumpkin bread now. Yum!

107. Time for some hot apple cider!

108. Fall tea party, come and join us!

109. Pumpkin cheesecake for dessert tonight! YUMMY!

110. Be prepared for Halloween, everyone!

111. Spooky costumes for Halloween!

112. Fun at the pumpkin patch!

113. Time to decorate for Halloween.

114. Apple picking today! Hope the rain stops…

115. Time for an autumn walk… with a friend!

fall captions with friends

116. Making some fall decorations… fun!

117. Good morning, pumpkin bread!

118. My favorite time of year… FALL!

119. Pumpkin picking anyone?

120. Pumpkin cheesecake… YUMMY!

121. Time for some apple cider and cinnamon donuts… oh yeah!

122. Keep calm and do Thanksgiving food prep!

123. Autumnal arts and crafts… fun and easy!

124. I’m ready for Thanksgiving!

125. Pumpkin spice pies in the oven… yum!

126. Halloween or Thanksgiving? Who would win?

127. Be prepared for Thanksgiving dressing!

128. Turkey dinner is here!

129. Time for thanksgiving crafts!

130. Pumpkin cheesecake is YUMMY! Love it!

131. Thanksgiving time!

132. Keep calm and enjoy autumn!

133. Autumn card designs… cute!

134. How about some fall decor?

135. Mmmmm… pumpkin spice latte!

136. Pumpkin spice recipes, ready to go!

137. Pumpkin pie for dessert tonight!

138. Time to make some muffins! Pumpkin or apple? Oh yeah!

139. Autumnal autumn decorations. Cute!

140. Fall pictures from Washington, D.C., are in!

141. Mmmm… homemade apple pie! Yummy!

142. Having an autumn picnic with friends!

143. Going for a hike during the fall!

144. Spooky costumes for Halloween night! Time to get ready…

145. Hello, Halloween time!

146. Watch out, Halloween is coming!

147. Thanksgiving feast time, right now! YUMMY!

148. Thanksgiving is almost here…

149. Pumpkin or apple? Mmmm… pumpkin pie.

150. Happy fall, everyone!

151. Making pumpkin pie now… wish me luck!

152. Thanksgiving turkey on the table… YUM!

153. Apple pie, anyone?

154. Going apple picking with my little ones… ready to go!

155. Spooky decorations are here!

156. Easy Thanksgiving turkey recipes, here we go!

157. Fall crafts are done! Nice job, everyone!

158. Pumpkin or apple? Yum! Both.

159. Pumpkin spice lattes are so goooood!

160. Time to gather the leaves.

fall selfie captions

161. Keep calm and decorate for Thanksgiving!

162. Have a mad Halloween!

163. Time to get in the Thanksgiving spirit!

164. Turkey time! Yum, yum!

165. Can I have a pumpkin spice latte? Please?

166. The leaves are starting to change!

167. Autumn decor for the whole house!

168. Thanksgiving food prep is on the go!

169. Fall activities for the kids, ready and set!

170. Making our Halloween costumes…

171. More Halloween crafts… nice job, kids! YAY!

172. Ready to make some homemade Halloween candy!

173. Kids’ costumes for Halloween, here we go!

174. Halloween fears, be prepared for them!

175. How about some apple cider? Ooooh, it’s so good!

176. Beautiful fall card designs…

177. More fall crafts!

178. Going pumpkin picking, anyone? Yay!

179. Such a beautiful fall day! Perfect for an autumn walk.

180. Good morning, autumn! Have a great day!

181. Fall decorations are ready!

182. Fall wonders are here!

183. Fall in the city… it’s gorgeous!

184. Autumn walks with friends!

185. Fall pictures in New York, it’s gorgeous!

186. Thanksgiving meal time… YUMMY!

187. The leaves are changing. See them?

188. Goodbye, summer! Hello, fall!

189. Fall pictures from California… oh, you’ve got to see them!

190. Time to do some fall photography!

191. Hello, October!

192. Comfy weather for an autumn walk.

193. Autumn vibes!

194. Don’t be afraid to fall.

195. Leaves are falling, autumn is coming!

196. I love you more than pumpkin spice lattes… so true!

197. Happiness is a warm pumpkin spice latte in the morning.

198. Fall-ing in love with my favorite pumpkin spice latte.

199. Thinking about pumpkin spice lattes… oh yeah!

200. Pumpkin spice latte, where are you? I’m waiting!

201. Fall, fall into my arms… I’ll be your autumn lover!

202. I think about you every autumn…

203. I love you just as much as I love pumpkin spice latte.

204. Autumn vibes for all of you!

205. I love autumn because of you…

206. I love you more than I love the apple cider.

207. I’m fall-ing in love with you…

208. Love and autumn vibes!

209. Autumn romance is here!

fall couple captions

210. Saying goodbye to summer and saying hello to autumn!

211. You are my pumpkin spice latte.

212. Love is in the autumn air.

213. Breathe in autumn and breathe out love.

214. Autumn time, how about a walk?

215. Love during the autumn time.

216. Summer is gone, autumn is here!

217. Autumn, please stay forever!

218. Fall into my arms, I’ll be your autumn lover!

219. Watch out, autumn is coming! There will be love!

220. September is the best time to fall in love.

221. It’s fall time, time for love!

222. Love in the autumn breeze…

223. Autumn time! Love is here!

224. Autumn fantasies.

225. I am fall-ing into you!

fall puns captions

226. You are the apple of my eye.

227. The leaves are falling, so am I… for you!

Final Words

Okay, now that you’ve got all the autumn captions to use on your favorite photos. Some of them are funny, some of them are cute, some of them are a bit romantic, and some are heartwarming. Either way, you can use them to express your feelings about the autumn season and all the beautiful, and pretty things that are related to this season. You can use them on your Instagram caption pictures, make some funny captions for selfies, or make some romantic and sweet captions for the photos of you and your beloved one. For example, “Love is in the autumn air.”, this saying would be perfect for a couple to use on their Instagram photos.

Also, you can use them for your Facebook status updates, your Tumblr posts, your Pinterest pictures, or even your Twitter tweets. You can use some of these captions in your text messages, your WhatsApp messages, or other popular social media messenger apps like Viber, Snapchat, WeChat, Line, Telegram, KakaoTalk, and more. You don’t have to limit yourself to just using them only on Instagram pictures. The best part about these captions is that they’re short and sweet, so they can fit on pretty much any social media platform that you use. That way, you can easily share your autumn photos with your friends and family from any social media app.

Fall is a special time of year because it’s the time of year when the leaves start to change, when the weather starts to get cooler, and when it’s time to put on some cozy clothes and start getting ready to enjoy the holiday season with friends and family. These small changes are what make this time of year so special. People love fall, the season is great for making all of those pictures that they can later use for their social media pictures and posts. There are many beautiful pictures that people take during fall, ranging from pumpkin patches, cozy warm sweaters, cute Halloween costumes kids wear for trick or treat, apple picking, leaves changing colors, autumn decorations, autumn walks, and even some cool fall food ideas and recipes. People like to share their beautiful fall pictures with their friends and family, and all of this is made even better with some nice captions for those pictures.

Some people use their Instagram caption pictures to express themselves and share their inner thoughts with the world. Others choose to post quotes or sayings that they find meaningful, inspiring, and comforting. Whatever the reason is, it’s always good to share your thoughts and feelings with people who care about you, and the autumn season is a great time to do this. You can do so by sharing your beautiful fall pictures on Instagram, with some great autumn captions that you can find here. These captions are a great way to put a nice spin on your pictures and to express yourself in a more dynamic way. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick a caption that speaks the most to your feelings about the fall season, and use it for your pictures. Or you can tweak them to fit the situation, your mood, or whatever you think is appropriate. Be sure to use hashtags like #autumn, #fall, #Halloween, and #pumpkin when you share your pictures on Instagram, so people can find your post easily.

Autumn is the season of love! Enjoy the fall season and all of the magic that it has to offer. Share your favorite autumn captions on Instagram now!


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